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4 Million Rehab
Rehab Cost

2M Rehab of Main Estate

1M Rehab of Coach House and Coach House expanded solarium.

150K Interior furnishings and appliances Main House

100K Interior furnishings and appliances Coach House

100K Historic Jensen landscape architecture and ecological revitalization

150K Two euro stone-patio installations: Coach house patio and rear patio of main house.

240K Two Year Staff Payroll fund (120K per year x 2 annual payroll. For 2-3 Staff)

100K Two Year Minimum Operations Cost (50K per Year)

160K Architectural planning and Design: soft cost


* A more detailed breakdown of costs will be available when fundraising begins.

Example: Harley Clarke Main House Simple Estimate: 2 Million

Restore and Reconfigure Interior Spaces $1M

Roof minor repairs $25,000.00

Fire Sprinkler System and fire upgrades $150,000.00

Install Elevator $150,000.00

New Air Handling System (Heat / AC) $200,000.00

Windows (Replace or revitalize) $125,000.00

Electrical Systems (Fixtures/ 3 Phase / phone/ security) $125,000.00

Plumbing (Pipe throughout / Water Service) $125,000.00

Additional construction fund (example: pointing, structural, unforeseen) $100,000.00

Coach House Estimate: $1M

Estimate based on reconfiguration of interior space, creating a wide open floor plan with raised ceilings


* Note: The above figures are rough estimates based on a specific plan.

Revenue & OperationsRevenue & Operations