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Annual Revenue: 300K (plus) Self-Sustaining
Annual Revenue
(Operations Cost Shown Below)

The Non-Profit can create over $300K in revenue each year

following the financial model shown here:


a) 120K Event Rental

A limited number of select events will contribute to the annual revenue goal.

- Goal: 100K for up to 12 high yield events (weddings / corporate @ $8K-10K per)

- Goal: 20K for 15 smaller event

(Meetings, Functions, Private Fund Raisers @ $500-$1,500)

Weddings and Events would be limited during prime summer months


b) 120K Coach House Lease

Goal: Coach House is expanded and repurposed as a Euro-cafÈ. (Light fare)

Private operator leases for 10K monthly x 12 = 120K.

Operator also manages event catering

(See Colectivo Cafe on Milwaukee's lakefront for inspiration)


c) 30K Three Office Spaces: Back Rooms of the Estate

Goal: 3 office spaces that compliment the estate use.

Rental: 3 x $800-1,200 per month = 30,000


d) $50K Steward Program: Annual (Not included above in the 300K projection)

The Steward Program builds a community base and support group for the estate.

Similare Mansion Conversions across the country use this fund-raising strategy to self-sustain.

* Goal: 500 Stewards x $99 (average) = 50,000

* The Steward Program is a group of individuals who support the Foundation's community

programs, education classes, and outreach programs. Research shows a Steward Program

is vital to maintaining participation in supporting the mission of the Not-For Profit.

* Incentives for being a Steward could include discounts for classes, cafe purchases and

special events.


e) 0-$250K (plus) Annual Fundraising goal

Starting goal: 75K Annual.

This category seeks larger – one time, individual donations for preservation of the historic landscape, gardens and architecture.


f) 10K Short-term Space Lease

Goal: Space may be rented short term (quarterly) to host classes / groups.

Examples could be : Ballroom rental for dance lessons. Gallery Rental for

Painting or show exhibition, yoga, holistic.


g) 35K Seasonal Events: (Fund Raisers)

Cosponsored, revenue creating event examples:

10K October: Haunted House (2 weeks)

5 K December: Christmas or Holiday Market

5 K Spring: Antique Showcase

5 K Summer: Art Fair (Weekend Event)

10 K Aug / Sept: Fall Fest (Weekend Event) Local Beer Fest


h) Exhibits, Performances, Sponsored Classes, Family Events & Shows

** These are break-even events, intended to grow membership and create annual stewardship (donations).

Event Space Revenue $120,000 Annual
Coach House Revenue $120,000 Annual
Annual Operation ExpensesOperations Cost: 280K Annual


150K Staff / Payroll:
Executive Director, A Fundraiser, Maintenance/Operations person

40K Business Fund: Operating the non-profit

40K Event Creation Fund (Funds for community events and education sponsored at the estate)

50K Estate Operational Costs (Utilities, mechanicals and operations)


* Additional Revenue

300K in Annual Revenue minus 280 Operations = 20K(plus) Unused Revenue

The Steward Program would also bring in additional revenue not listed ($0-$50,000)


Unused Revenue is a safety net and could be applied toward:

1) Additional Community Outreach program

2) Growing the estate trust fund

3) Additional personnel to increase fund-raising and event creation

Revenue & OperationsRevenue & Operations